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Janko Realty & Development launched a new website optimized for finding information and searching properties across any device.  We recognize many users are on the go and need a website that allows for intuitive and optimal browsing on not only a desktop but also a tablet or mobile phone.  Our website is responsive which means it will automatically format to the screen resolution of the device you are using to access it.  Additionally, we offer a mobile friendly version of our website,, designed exclusively for mobile phones.  Now you are able to find that perfect home no matter how you are connecting to our site.  You will be offered a consistent web experience that is fast, user friendly and designed with you in mind.

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It’s a new year—and the outlook on the housing market is definitely brighter. After all, 2014 was the best year in the U.S. economic recovery since the recession of 2008-2009.

With an accelerating economic recovery fueling job and income growth, prospects are good for homeowners and would-be home buyers.

1. Mortgage Rates Will Head Back Up

The flip side of the improving economy is that (sigh) mortgage rates will inevitably head up again. We’ve had a great run, but the honeymoon is over, and it’s time to settle in for a relationship that balances job growth with higher-but-still-reasonable interest rates.

The Federal Reserve has indicated it will increase the federal funds rate—which has an indirect but significant effect on mortgage rates—next

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Staying comfy in the cold, whether you’re hiking urban canyons or hip deep in backcountry snow, requires paying attention to the science of heat transfer. Loren Greenway, CEO of the Wilderness Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, said that staying warm requires understanding two key principles: conduction and convection.

Conduction is the transfer of heat between two solid surfaces that are in direct contact with each other, such as when you stand on icy pavement. Convection is the transfer of heat between a mass (such as your body) and a moving fluid or gas (such as an icy wind that whips around every square inch of you).

Understanding both of these chilling mechanisms, as well as the workings of your body’s built-in thermoregulatory system,

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